Simple window modifications to make your home more private

Privacy is not always easy to come by. The soaring costs of housing mean that homes are being built so near to each other that homeowners have practically no privacy from their neighbours. Day-to-day life can be like living in a metaphorical fish bowl, with passers-by peering in (albeit often unintentionally) and neighbours always being able to see you moving around. As well as being a nuisance and making it difficult to relax, your home’s exposure can create significant security issues.

In a bid to enhance their home’s privacy, many homeowners sacrifice natural light and keep their curtains drawn to stop people from looking in. This can make the home feel depressing, as bright living spaces are important for health and wellbeing. Homeowners should not have to have a toss-up between privacy and natural light, and there are many simple solutions they can employ to enjoy the best of both. The smallest changes can make a huge amount of difference to how private your house is to the outside world.

Replace parts of your windows with frosted glass

Frosted glass has always been a popular option for bathroom and lavatory windows, where it’s imperative that no one can see in. It doesn’t allow you to see out, but does ensure that natural light can flow beautifully into the room. While you probably don’t want to replace every window in your home with frosted glass (this might be slightly claustrophobic!), you could use it for segments – e.g. one of the sashes in a sliding sash window. An easy-to-use alternative is frosted film, which can be applied to windows and removed as necessary.

Some homeowners choose to have patterns (such as slats, circles, or intricate designs like flowers) cut into frosted film and applied to their windows. As well as looking attractive, this enables them to see out while obscuring the glass for people looking in. It’s quite common to apply patterned frosted film to the lower half of a window pane and keep the rest free.

Fit your home with efficient blinds

Blinds are a simple way to grant homeowners control over how much light is coming into the room, and the degree to which people can see in. Venetian blinds are arguably the best option for controlling privacy and light as, even when the slats are partially opened, it is difficult to see into the house from outside. These can be fitted inside the glass so that they’re out of the way, which is ideal if you’re looking for ways to make the living space seem more open. Sheer curtains could also be a great option for improving privacy while maintaining light, and are ideal for homeowners who are trying to create a more traditional or cosy feel.

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