Reasons To Switch To uPVC

When you buy new windows, you have an option of materials for the frames, and your choice will affect the appearance of your house for a life time. When confronted with the option in between wood, aluminium and uPVC, how do you make this essential choice?

In the past, uPVC acquired a track record for discolouring gradually, however these issues remain in the past thanks to modern manufacturing methods. In addition, there are a whole host of advantages to picking uPVC for your frames.

1 Colour choice

Not exactly sure about white uPVC windows? Do not worry. We can make uPVC in a series of basic shades, or we can mix bespoke RAL colours to your specifications. You can even get uPVC in wood grain finish.

2 Security

There’s no need to worry about your uPVC frames being a powerlessness in your defences. Multi-point locks and quality construction will keep your family safe and your home protected.

3 Long life

As we mentioned in the introduction, uPVC windows are developed to last a lifetime. Some wooden frames can rot, however uPVC is guaranteed to withstand.

4 Versatility

We can make windows in a range of different styles, from the traditional box sash to the modern tilt-and-turn. Whatever your choice, there’s a design of window to fit.

5 Hassle-free

Once your windows are installed, all you require to do is clean them when you tidy your windows. There’s nothing to paint, nothing to varnish, just great looks that sustain through the seasons.

6 Less sound

You might not be able to transport your home to a new place, however your windows act as a first line of defence against roadway noise. A quieter life can lead to less stress, a sense of health and wellbeing, and a much better night’s sleep.

7 Energy performance

When we measure the energy performance of windows, we’re not just determining the glass in the frame. The frame itself plays a substantial role in keeping your home warm and cosy. With solid uPVC frames, you will take pleasure in a draught-free experience, and the best possible performance for your home.

8 Lower Costs

Premium alternatives like aluminium featured a greater price tag. For many customers, uPVC provides the perfect balance of good looks and price.

9 Less condensation

Do you discover that your single-glazed windows continuously steam up and make your house damp? Ditch the dehumidifiers and set up uPVC windows to preserve a more continuous temperature. This will help to make your house drier, which can help it to feel warmer, and it likewise restricts unpleasant black mould.

10 Fire security

One drawback of timber frames is that they catch alight in a fire, which could be a risk for your family. In contrast, uPVC doesn’t ignite and will for that reason withstand spreading out the flames.

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